Accommodation & Staff Quarters

The TICCS accommodation block offers 20 double-occupancy rooms with shower, fan or A/C unit. It acts as a guesthouse, which serves the general public when courses are not in session and serves the course participants during courses. Clean and airy rooms are offered at moderate prices (10 USD a night). According to the Lonely Planet guidebook, TICCS is becoming a popular spot with tourists and travelers. Besides the Senior Staff accommodation block located on campus, there are two Senior staff bungalows located off campus at “Nima” behind T-Poly.

  • Transport facilities (mini-van for trips & outings etc.)
  • Communication services (email, fax, telephone)
  • Secretarial with PC
  • Availability of PC
  • Airport with daily internal flights to Accra/Kumasi
  • Tamale Central Hospital and Shekhinah Clinic are nearby
  • Tamale is an administrative centre for shopping, business, offices, government
  • Landscaped grounds and gardens
  • Jungle Bar: serving drinks and snacks